Product Line

AC Drives

Servo Drives, Motors & Controllers

Brusatori Brushless Motors

DC Drives

Control Techniques Motor  Feedback, Power & Brake Cables

Web Tension Controls and Load Cells 

AC Motors

Control Techniques CTVUE Graphical Operator Interface & Control Accessories

Transformers & Line Reactors

FM Modules & PTI210 Module Control Techniques Integration Products ACM  Products
Software, Communications Cables & Solutions Modules for Mentor & Quantum MP DC Drives  Control Techniques for DC Drives Line Reactors and EMC Filters Encoders

Operator Interface Keypads 

Motor Cables for Control Techniques


Soft  Starters Control Techniques Digistart CS & IS Soft Starters Options & Extended Warranties AC & DC Tach
Powertec Brushless Systems (Drives


EMC Filters & Dynamic Breaking Resistors for Control Techniques DC Drives Interface Card Boards

DIGIMAX Speed Controller (Discontinued)

AC / DC Drives Upgrades from Legacy to current product

Spare & Miscellaneous Parts List

Powertec Spare Parts List (Some Discontinued)

Control Techniques Software Contraves Drives, Servo Inverter

Millennium Drives (Discontinued)

Packaged Drive Solutions  

Powertec Blowers & Filter Assembly




Unidrive M300

VFD Unidrive M700

Digitax Servo Drives & Unimotor

Unidrive M with Motor

Commander C200


Unidrive M AC Drive by Emerson Control Techniques

Hubner Analog-DC Tachogenerator

CMC Under-Pillow Block Load Cell

Powertec Brushless Motors, Blowers & Filters 

CMC Tensimaster Tension

ACM Brushless Servo Motor


Unimotor FM

CMC Pacemaster 1 & 2 Drive

Control Techniques Commander SK AC Drive

CMC Webpro Controller

CMC Din Rail

Powertec Brushless DC Motors


Emerson AC Motor

Control Techniques Quantum III DC Drive


Control Techniques SE AC Drive

Control techniques Matador Servo Motor


Control Techniques Unidrive Classics

Powertec FlexMax Brushless DC Drives


ACM Brushless Servo Motors


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