Web Tension Control: Tension Load Cell Amplifier

Load Cell Amplifier 

Classic Load Cell Amplifier 

The Cleveland-Kidder® Load Cell Amplifier interfaces with a wide variety of controllers for monitoring and measuring precise web tension. It is lightweight, low-cost and low-profile, providing excitation and signal conditioning for either one or two foil or strain gage web tension transducers (load cells). It is easy to set-up and calibrate and it is virtually impervious to EMI emissions.

 Two product lines are available: the ULTRA Line and the Classic Line. Select the ULTRA Line for applications requiring a wide range of tension, which provides a 40:1 tension range (Example: 2.5 lbs : 100 lbs on 100 lb load cell). For traditional applications select the Classic Line.

  • Enclosed DIN Rail Mountable
  • Wiring Schematic Located on the Side
  • Sums and Conditions Signals from a Transducer Pair or a Single Transducer
  • Interfaces to a Wide Variety of Remote Devices
  • Provides either 0-10VDC or 4-20 ma Tension Signal Output
  • Electrically Isolated Output Available
  • Incorporates State-of-the-Art Surface Mount Components for High Stability and Precision
  • Maintains Extremely Stable Signal over Time. No Drift and No Need to Recalibrate
Model Style Description Part Number
Classic Basic Classic DIN Rail Basic Amplifier Module-CE Compliant MWI-13466
Classic Isolated Classic DIN Rail Isolated Amplifier Module-CE Compliant MWI-13467
Din Rail Power Supply DIN Rail DC Power Supply, 24 VDC, 1 Amp, 85 - 264 VAC X44-34143
Analog Meter for Classic: MWI-13466 & MWI-13467 Analog Meter with scaling Board, Dial 0 - 100%, Input 0 - 1ma, 4.5 Inches MO-13655
Digital Meter for Classic Amplifier: MWI-13466 & MWI-13467 Digital Panel Meter, 3.5 Digit, 0 - 2 VDC or 0 - 10 VDC Input, 9 - 36 VDC Supply Input with Offset Pot X28-34211

Ultra Line Load Cell Amplifier


Part Number Description Height  H Width  W Depth  D Weight  
MWI-13262 Ultra Line Load Cell Amplifier (Basic) 2.95"  75mm 1.77"   45mm 4.14"  105mm 6.0 oz 170g
MWI-13261 Ultra Line Load Cell Amplifier (Isolated) 2.95"  75mm 1.77"   45mm 4.14"  105mm 6.2 oz 175g

Load Cell Amplifier







DIN-Rail CE Amplifier

Part Number Description
MWI-12060 DIN-Rail CE Amplifier Module - Basic 0 - 10 VDC, 0 - 2 VDC, and 0 - 100 microAmp output  (obsolete) replaced by MWI-13466
MWI-12059 DIN-Rail CE Amplifier Module - Isolated 0 -10 VDC or 4 - 20 milliAmp output (obsolete) replaced by MWI-13467


Accessories - Power Supplies - DIN-Rail Mounted

Part Number Description Input Voltage - 1Ø Output Current
MWI-10373 115V Power Supply 115 VAC 100 milliAmps
MWI-10374 115V Power Supply 115 VAC 1 Amp



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