AC in / AC out single drive configuration.
Unidrive SP Panel Mounted – 1 HP to 150 HP
• Industry leading compact IP20 drive module
• Each model consist of rectifier, DC link and an inverter as a single unit

Unidrive SP Free Standing – 150 HP to 1000 HP
• Complete Free Standing drive system can be ordered with simple order
• IP21 standard cubicle design
• High power density
• Ready to install
• Supplied with or without fuses

Unidrive SP Group
• Optional additional cubicles:
    Incomer Shell
      – Basic installation features for integration of switch fuse, MCCB and   EMC filter
    System Shell
   – for your application specific control equipment
• Baying kits are available to allow integration with industry standard cubicles
• All sections (or 400mm “bays”) shipped separately for ease of transport and
• The cubicle is designed for compactness, the need for maintenance access   and ease of cabling.


Modular Input and Output power units, optimized for system integrators and OEMs to build into their own cubicles using a range of integration accessories
with full documentation.

Unidrive SPM Modular – 150 HP to 2000 HP
A range of very compact and innovative IP20 input and output power modules enable the creation of a comprehensive range of power systems.
Configure a multiple drive system with an interconnected DC bus to:

• Utilize an existing DC Supply

• Reduce running costs;

    Regenerating braking energy to the AC Mains
    Circulate energy between drives and provide motor to motor braking
• Enables a single AC power entry, simplifying installation and minimizing
Additional features made possible by Unidrive SP Modular are;
• Power supply harmonic reduction:
    Minimize harmonics with 12, 18 and 24 pulse input rectifier configurations
    Minimize harmonics with uncontrolled rectifier and inductor configurations
    laminate harmonics with an active front end
• Control high current motors by paralleling output inverter modules
• Unidrive SP Panel mount drives can be used in support of custom power
  applications through connection to the DC Bus


Unidrive SP Group

Unidrive SP Group


Unidrive SP Technical Panel Ratings from 230V to 690V and General Specs

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