Web Tension Control: Embedded Amplifier Tension Transducer

Ultra ISC Tension Load Cells

The Ultra ISC is a tension transducer that directly outputs a +/- 10 VDC signal. CMC offers an ISC version for all models of our Ultra tension transducers. All Ultra ISC transducers include an Integrated Signal Conditioner (ISC) that is embedded directly in the "Ultra" type tension load cells. This is accomplished by extending the connector housing one inch and inserting a proprietary integrated amplifier designed by CMC.

Features Benefits
Includes an Integrated Signal Conditioner ( ISC ) Eliminates hardware costs of a separate amplifier
No Additional Amplifier Required Frees up panel space
Direct +/- 10 VDC Output Reduces the amount of documentation drawings
Local signal conditioning minimizes electrical noise Reduces wiring costs
40:1 tension range Eliminates amplifier setup and calibration
Factory preset zero and gain
0 V = no load, 10 V = tension load cell rating
Ability to bring signal directly to local I/O on Network
Available in all Ultra Line modes:
Cartridge, Slim Cell, UPB, and CLT
Improved diagnostic and balance capability with tension load cells scaled in controller

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