Tension Transducers

For Measurement and Control of Tension in Moving Webs
for Use with Pillow block Bearings and Rotating Shaft Installations

CLEVELAND-KIDDER Type UPB Tension transducers are designed for the measurement and control of tension on larger web and wire machinery where the guide rolls are typically mounted on pillow block bearings.

Design parameters are the result of many years of experience in the field of tension measurement and control in process machinery. These transducers utilize a full Wheatstone bridge of semiconductor strain gages. mechanical stops are provided to limit load displacement to 0.10".

UPB Transducers may be applied to measure loads both normal to and at any angle up to 45. These electro-mechanical Tension Transducers operate in the principle of strain gages, applied to the tension and compression areas of a beam, sensing surface deflection under varying load conditions. Semiconductor strain gages are used to provide a high level, linear output signal.

UPB Transducers are typically applied in pairs, one under each of the supporting guide roll pillow bearings. This results in total tension measurement regardless of web position and differences in edge tensions. the model UPB has been utilized as a retrofit component and has also been applied as an OEM component in manufactures systems. They provide the same versatility of tension measurement, recording and control that is available with CLEVELAND-KIDDER transducer Types "S", "FL", "PB" and "BR". See Engineering Data Sheet DS-TRS.

  • UPB Transducers are available in a wide range of applications.
  • Overload stops in tension and compression modes of operation.
  • High natural frequency response.
  • Negligible displacement of sensing element provides high, linear output signal.
  • Utilizes simple excitation and readout circuitry.
  • Temperature compensated bridge circuit.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Senses actual web tension.
  • Corrosion resistant finish and dust seal.
  • Can be mounted at any angle.
  • No hysteretic resulting from mechanical friction.


  • Tension sensing permits indication and control for consistent product quality.
  • Highly responsive for enhanced system performance.
  • Negligible motion maintains proper roll alignment.
  • Ease of mounting simplifies design of new or retrofit applications.
  • Heavy duty construction and low maintenance design minimize down time.

For use in the measurement of web tension, when pillow block bearings are used for guide roll mounting, on continuous processing machinery applications such as:

  • coating
  • cutting
  • laminating
  • slitting

Typically used in the production of:

  • paper
  • rubber
  • cardboard
  • foil
  • textiles
  • linoleum
  • cellophane

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