Tension Transducers

Tensi-Master electro-mechanical force transducer incorporate the latest design technology to provide a highly responsive, linear output signal and the greatest degree of application flexibility for measurement and control of web tension in continuous processes.

Tensi-Master transducers utilize a cantilevered "twin beam" to render optimum sensitivity and response without sacrificing protection from overload and transients common to industrial process machinery. Semiconductor strain gauges are bonded to the beams, and provide a linear output signal as the beams are deflected by the web tension acting on the transducer roll.

Tensi-Master transducer flexibility of installation is accomplished by adding mounting hardware to a basic module to complete the body type. two basic module types are offered in two sizes each, with each size available in five different load ratings. This allows sensing of web tension over an extremely wide range. Infinite transducer orientation capability easily accommodates tension forces applied in any direction.

  • Negligible displacement of "twin beam" design results in:
    * High level, linear output signal
    * High frequency response
    * Overall system stability
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Built in overload stop.
  • Temperature compensated bridge circuit.
  • Easily oriented at any angle to accommodate all web paths.
  • "MS" type connectors.
  • Wide range of Maximum Working Force ratings in each type and size.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Corrosion resistant finish and dust seal.
  • Accommodates shaft expansion.
  • Accommodates shaft misalignment up to 1.
  • Split coupling mount.


  • Tension sensing permits indication and control for consistent product quality.
  • Modular design provides installation flexibility.
  • Highly responsive for enhanced system performance.
  • Negligible motion maintains proper roll alignment.
  • Ease of mounting reduces necessity of machine modifications.
  • Heavy duty construction and low maintenance design minimize down time.

For use in the measurement of web tension on continuous processing machinery applications such as:

  • printing
  • embossing
  • slitting
  • coating
  • cutting
  • punching
  • lamenting
  • folding

Typically used in the production of:

  • paper
  • cellophane
  • cardboard
  • rubber
  • textiles
  • linoleum
  • foil
  • extensible and photo film

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