Commander SL - Simple and Lite

Discontinued Series

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Commander SL - Simple and Lite

AC Drives that define Economy in Motion

0.33 to 5hp (0.25kW to 4kW)

230V 1~ / 460V 3~

The Commander SL V/Hz, open loop vector AC drive has an easy to read and use LED keypad for easy setup, an optional cloning module, and the reliability users have come to expect from more powerful and flexible drives from Control Techniques.

- Open loop vector control
- Dynamic motor flux V/Hz for energy saving
- Quadratic motor flux V/Hz for fan and pump optimization
- Speed reference input: 0-10V or 4-20mA
- 3 digital inputs (not stop, run, jog)
- Switching frequency: 3 (default) 6 12 kHz
- Output frequency 0 to 1,500 Hz
- Acceleration and Deceleration ramps
- Positive logic control

- Under-voltage, Supply and DC Link over-voltage, Phase loss, Drive overload, Instantaneous over-current, Short circuit, Ground fault, Drive thermal, Watchdog, Motor thermal

General Characteristics
- Maximum overload 150% of rated current for 60s
- Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM) optimizes switching frequency
- 4 preset speeds
- Flying start
- Mains dip ride through
- Automatic no-spin auto-tune for fast performance optimization

Programming Option
- Easy commissioning pack, order code 9500-0078 (requires additional CT-COMS for MMS-cable)

- IP20
- NEMA 1 rating with optional cover
- Ambient temperature -10 to +40C @ 3 kHz switching Maximum operating temperature 50C with derate
- Humidity 95% maximum (non-condensing)
- Electromagnetic Immunity complies with EN61800-3 and EN61000-6-3 and 4
- Electromagnetic Emissions complies with EN61000-6-3 (residential) and EN61000-6-4 (industrial) generic standards with optional footprint EMC filter

Commander SL AC Parts List

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