Commander SE AC Drive

(This drive Series is no Longer available, Call Microcon for a replacement.)

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Commander SE AC Drive

  • Digital AC Drive
  • 0.25 to 2.2kW, 1 phase, 200 to 240 VAC
  • 0.75 to 7.5kW, 3 phase, 200 to 240 VAC
  • 0.75 to 37kW, 3 phase, 380 to 480 VAC
  • IP21 (NEMA1) enclosure
  • RS485 serial communications with Modbus
    RTU protocol
  • Plug-in communications via PROFIBUS-DP,
    DeviceNet, INTERBUS, and CANopen
  • SESoft Windows based configuration tool for PC/Laptop
  • QuicKey cloning module
  • Advanced menus for ultimate control
    and flexibility
  • No spin rotating auto-tune for fast drive/motor optimization
  • Minimum motor noise with maximum drive protection via unique Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM)
  • Complies with power drive systems standard EN 68100-3 for second environment 'Industrial sites' without and additional EMC filter.
  • RS485 serial communications as standard on all sizes
  • Standard size, plug-able control terminals

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Commander SE Specifications

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No other micro drive can talk your language so easily courtesy of plug-in communication packages
that will  include, Prefabs-DP, Device Net, CAN Open, Interbus-S and CT Net.
Commander SE's new, Intelligent Thermal Management technology reduces nuisance tripping and
ensures minimum motor noise - while fully protecting the drive.
The mains dip ride-through feature gives maximum protection against expensive process stoppages and minimizes product wastage, breakages and downtime.
When you need ultimate control, Commander SE's Level 3 parameters give the user, via serial
communications, access to advanced features such as: PID Controller, kW hour meter, 8 preset
speeds, motorized potentiometer, second motor map and lots more.
With true space vector modulation - open loop vector control, full torque down to 1 Hz.
Commander SE up to 4 kW, fits 200mm deep cubicles even with footprint EMC filter fitted.
Rugged, industrial 50ºC ambient rating for applications where operating conditions are hot and tough.
IP21/NEMA 1, rating for added protection.
Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) compliant - complete galvanic isolation allowing the drive to be connected to a PC without the risk of damage.
Fast, accurate drive to drive parameter transfer and storage with the new Quick-Key - saves time and money.


Robust and dependable…
So you can fit and forget

The Commander SE comes with the added back up of Control Techniques’ 2 year worldwide warranty and the security of service levels that no other company can provide. Control Techniques has more than 1.6 million drives in operation worldwide, and everyday over 600 drive engineers provide local application and customer support from 50 centers across the globe. It’s a unique and unparalleled service and it works by making our customers the focus of our activities- so you can buy our products with confidence.

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  • Rugged, industrial 50 °C ambient rating for applications where operating conditions are hot and tough
  • The drive is assembled from a single pcb which, because of the unique two processor design, requires 50% less connections between its control and power devices. Less connections means greater robustness, less potential problem areas and greater dependability
  • The Commander SE is designed with industrialized mounting brackets which are cast as part of the heat sink, providing robust mounting
  • IP21/NEMA I rating
  • SELV compliant


LISTED E171230
(Sizes 1&2 currently)


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