Unidrive Classic

Currently the Unidrive Classic family has been discontinued by the manufacturer but are still available at Microcon Technologies Inc. Call (905) 602-4770, or e-mail us at sales@microcontechnologies.com   UNIDRIVE








Multipurpose Servo

0.75 kW to 1 MW

If you application moves a load to and from any position, at any speed, then servo control may be suitable. Servo systems provide precise speed control and rapid response, copying every change in the control signal exactly. Servo drives are generally matched to a range of motors for optimum performance from the system.

Servo drives can give complete control of the motor speed and position, whereas using open loop drives, the speed of the motor varies with load, the type of motor and the drive used.
Precise speed position control
Precise - Resolution
- Speed control
l constant feedrate
l acceleration and deceleration
Position control
  l At stand still
     - in-position
l During change
     - Interpolation
- Acceleration & Deceleration
- In-position
General Features
Coast and Ramp to stop modes
8 Preset speeds & Ramps
Internal braking transistor as standard
Encoder input as standard
Advanced Features
Position control
Digital lock
Mains dip ride through
Frequency slaving
Performance Features
336ms speed loop sample time
176ms current loop sample time
16 bit speed loop
12 bit current loop
Dynamic injection/braking
Fast current loop with PI control
Flexibility Features
Speed reference selector
Full I/O programmability
Well structured menu system
Encoder I/P
Programmable logic functions
Configurable menu zero
Programmable thresholds
Resolver feedback
Sin/Cos feedback
High speed communications
Applications module
High performance module
Ease of Use Features
Bright two line LED display
Cloning module
Maintenance Features
Full internal protection & diagnostics
Last ten trips stored
Programmable security code
Common control board
Pluggable terminals

Unidrive Classic AC Drives 


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