Powertec PacTorq Motors Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Optimized magnetic design incorporating high energy Neodymium magnets provides many key benefits 
Highest dynamic response; servomotor performance - rapid start-stop capability to position loads fast, high peak torque ratings to move loads even faster; quick speed changes for precise process control 
Highest power density; extremely high torque in relatively small standard NEMA frame sizes to minimize the size of machines and equipment; results in less weight, too, compared to same power in other motor technologies.
Highest efficiency motor technology; significant energy savings at both base speed and much lower than base speed. 
Brushless construction  Long trouble-free life; location flexibility - no brushes to maintain 
Long life bearings and bearing grease 
Long, maintenance-free operation 
Patented, double finned aluminum frame 
Highest thermal efficiency and light weight 
Selection of industry standard enclosures with NEMA and Metric mounting options 
Satisfy broad end use requirements 
Rugged IGBT class "H" insulation system but rated for class "F" temperature rise 
Additional assurance of motor integrity over broad temperature range; longer life for reduced machine downtime 
Flexible design incorporates many options 
Choices of mounting, terminations, feedback devices and holding brake to meet you application-specific requirements 
Agency approvals: 
UL Recognized, file 130709 
CSA Certification pending 
CE (Conformity European), pending 
Easier recognition of machine or equipment 
Two year warranty 
Quality and reliability for reduced machine downtime 

Powertec PacTorq Brushless Servo Motors Downloads

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