Focus II DC Drive Controls


The Focus Drives Family are currently Discontinued by the Manufacturer, but are still available at Microcon. Call (905) 602-4770 for more information and support.

Standard Features:

Focus 2 includes all the same standard features of the Focus 1,

Plus the following:

* Maximum control versatility using jumper programming - two enclosed,

   two less operators and two chassis mount units for a wide variety of 

   applications from 1/4 to 5 horsepower.

* LED indicator lights to indicate if drive is in current limit and to indicate

   SCR gate triggering.

* Standard enclosure rated to meet or exceed the requirements of

   NEMA type 1, 4, 12 and 13 enclosures.

* Standard less operators unit may be converted to enclosed unit.

* A speed pot is provided with chassis models.

   Start, stop, jog operators to be supplied by user.

* Adjustable linear acceleration/deceleration - 2 to 30 seconds.

* Adjustable maximum speed - 70 to 120% of base speed

* Adjustable minimum speed - 0 to 30 % maximum speed.

* Adjustable current limit - 0 to 150 % of motor full load rating.

* Adjustable IR compensation for improved speed regulation.

* Jog at run speed standard.

* UL listed and CSA approved.

* Speed regulation: 1 % of maximum speed due to load variations

   using armature voltage feedback with IR compensation.

* Tachometer feedback circuitry standard. Addition of AC or DC

    tachometer generator to the motor converts the drive from 

    armature to tachometer feedback for improved speed

    regulation as follows:

    AC tachometer feedback:0.5 % of base speed due to load

    variations, 1 % of base speed due to variations in ambient

    conditions or line voltage.

    DC Tachometer Feedback:0.5 % of base speed due to 

    variations in load, line voltage or ambient conditions.

* Option kits available for easy field installation - most

    kits simply plug into the main PC board.

* "M" Contactor

* Magnetic Reversing

* Dynamic Braking

* Current Signal Follower

* Voltage Signal Follower

* Jog at Jog Speed

* Torque Taper/Remote Current Limit

* Speed Meters

* Ten-Turn Potentiometer

* AC Power Disconnect Switch

* End Cover Plates



What replaces the Focus II DC Drive

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